St. Joseph, Illinois





2014 Fee Schedule:


100% payment due upon signing of sports agreement.


Softball Diamonds:

Field Reservations in advance:

Season Fees:

Residents: Teams (*Resident -61873 address)

            $10.00 per field w/lights per game

            Concession Rental:  $200.00 per month-while supplies for your season are stored in the concession stand.

            $ 5.00 participant fee per player for season

            $10.00 participant fee per non resident player for season.


Non-Residents: Teams

            Unlighted field-$10.00/field (per game)

            Lighted field-$20.00/field (per game)

Participant Fees-$10.00/per player for season.


*Charge to tournament host:

            One fee per concession use per day $50.00/$100.00 Non Resident

            One fee per fielduse per day-No lights $25.00/$50.00 Non Resident

            Lights $50.00/$100.00 Non Resident (per field)


Practice Fees:

Residents: Unlighted field- No Charge

Lighted Field-$10.00 (2 hours)


Non-Resident: Unlighted $10.00 (2 hours)

Lighted: $20.00 (2 hours)


75% of players on team equate a resident team. (Per St. Joseph Address)

Fees help cover costs associated w/utilities (water, electric, sewer), garbage, mowing.


The Village will mow, weed control, and maintain grounds to the standards that the Village sets.  Sports

Organizationís shall line and drag fields.  Any extra or special diamond work will be done through approval

of Village board at the expense of sports organizations. (Please refer to the maintenance section per sports agreement)


Village of St. Joseph