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St. Joseph Facility Use Permit

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____ I have read and received a copy of the attached St. Joseph Facility Use Policies.


____ I understand that the full deposit payment is due at time of rental acceptance. For full-day rental of the facility, one half of the full balance will also be due at time of acceptance. The remaining rental fees for any event is due in full no later than 14 days prior to event.


____ I understand that the deposit will only be returned if the facility is left in acceptable condition after my event.



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St. Joseph Facility Use Policies




It is the intent of the Village of St. Joseph to make our facilities available to the public on a fair and equitable basis.  A person seeking issuance of a permit shall sign the application form stating that he or she has read and understands any rules, regulations and guidelines for and use and/or rental of parks, land property and/or any other St. Joseph facility.


1.         Village of St. Joseph reserves the right to control and manage the premises, enforce all necessary and proper rules, and to enter the premises and exercise this authority at any time.


2.         The person or organization to which the reservation is issued assumes all responsibility for use of the facility. Reservations cannot be transferred, assigned or sublet. The reservation holder or their delegate must be in attendance at all times. Renter must stay until the entire party has left.


3.         Only Village of St. Joseph vehicles are allowed on the St. Joseph park grounds. You may park only in designated parking areas, including the time spent loading and unloading your vehicle.


4.         Special arrangements for maintenance and care of fields may be made with the Village.


5.         Individuals, groups, and organizations must agree not to discriminate on the basis of disability, or other legally protected status in accordance with the American with Disabilities Act, while utilizing Village parks, fields, and/or facilities.


6.         The Village of St. Joseph has the right to assign a staff member to supervise the event.


7.         The Village of St. Joseph retains the right to prohibit excessively large audio equipment that may be considered a nuisance or disturbance to the surrounding community.


8.         Each guest at an event must obey all applicable Village, State and Federal rules, ordinances, laws and regulations. Failure to obey the rules and regulations will result in cancellation of the reservation.  Additionally, you may be asked to leave the facility and/or be subject to legal action. User accepts full responsibility for all damages and/or any and all claims of liability. Anyone violating the rules and regulations or constituting a public nuisance may be required to leave the facility and your deposit may be withheld or forfeited. Abusive language or conduct to other park/facility patrons or the Village of St. Joseph staff will not be tolerated and will cause the person or persons involved to be required to leave the premises.


9.         Organizations, businesses, or individuals may not charge admission fees, sell products or services, or solicit donations without prior written approval by the Village of St. Joseph or its assigned representative.


10.     The Village of St. Joseph is not responsible for accidents, injury, illness, or loss of group or individual property.


11.     The Village of St. Joseph reserves the right to limit the number of people allowed in the area rented.


12.     Proof of insurance may be required, depending on the type of event. 


13.     The Village of St. Joseph reserves the right to approve or reject any request for reservation of its facilities.